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History of the PP&P club

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in the Poems, Prayers and Promises John Denver Internet fan and chat club.  My name is Beth King.  I started this club on Yahoo! back on April 15, 2000, simply because I wanted to meet and chat with other JD fans.  Not just BECAUSE they were JD fans, but because I've found that fans of John's Music and supporters of his causes were some of the nicest people on earth.  They are a very friendly, caring, down-to-earth bunch of people.  JD is not all we talk about in the club, but loving JD's music and supporting his causes is the main thing we have in common and this is an excellent way to begin new friendships.   

OUR CHATS:  As friends and club members we meet often to chat, and also use the various instant messaging programs and the club message board to keep in touch between chats.  Our chats are usually about anything and everything, and we often get goofy and joke around.  It's a nice break from the stresses of daily life.  If you would like to make some new online friends with a great bunch of people, please join us (see below)!

Poems, Prayers & Promises Club Information